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A day of theatrical firsts for St Margaret’s dynamic trio

The excited trio  before curtain up

We are happy to report that three of our more audacious children in our extend family of care experienced a new and challenging life experience this week. For on Monday, 10th of April, Darius, Cristina and Rebeca were invited by one of CID Ro’s dearest friends and supporters, actress Vera Linguraru, to the Excelsior Theatre, where they watched “Eternal youth and life without death” a wonderful adaptation of one of Romania’s most exquisite fairy tales.

All of the theatre staff knew in advance that the children were coming along and they were looking forward to hosting their visit and to making the day extra special. They ensured that the kids were given the best seats in the house, centre aisle, first row, often reserved for “honoured” guests. Darius and Rebeca, being older, a bit “cooler” andsomewhat more  experienced in such special social activities, were very excited to be in such a beautiful auditorium for the first time, sitting so close to the orchestra, and listening  to the live incidental music and to be able to see up close  all the actors perform on stage. For an hour and a half, the children sat captivated and goggle-eyed, by the show and the atmosphere in the auditorium. Cristina, with her sensitive nature, was happy to watch a part of the play, however, when the music became a little too loud for her, it was all too much, tears started to flow down her cheeks, whereupon on she asked to leave.

At the interval, everyone visited the theatre foyer and took photos with the theatre’s sumptuous décor and the statue of the institution’s patron and founder so there would be treasured memories of their first visit to the theatre. After the actors had taken their final curtain calls, the children said own their personal goodbyes; they received flowers and expressed their thanks to their new friends for their kind gesture and for being able to be a part of such an amazing experience. 

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