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Space the Final frontier is just along the road for Claudia and her chum Nelus

Our own planetary system 

Claudia is always up to the challenge of spending her time gainfully during the school vacation. She spent a little time in extra home tuition and doing specific physiotherapy to develop her fine motor skills and stimulate her creativity. She then teamed up will her old pal Nelus, who was invited to come along and be part of the fun, recharging their batteries by walking in the sunshine in the local park.

They whiled away another fun day at the nearby Craft Tea Recreational Centre for Children,  Claudia had been  invited to attend that centre to  take part in its daily activities and to play with the other kids, who go there every day, so  she took  Nelus along  to keep her company.

The lesson of the day was about our amazing Solar System, its planets, moons, asteroids, comets and many other incredible objects that surround  Earth’s our home, planet. Claudia already knew a bit about subject as she had learnt about it in her school geography lessons. This time round, Claudia sat engrossed, lost in the detail of the exhaustive presentation, which introduced the children to “space, the final frontier of strange new worlds, into which man in future must boldly go, to seek out new life and new civilizations”.  After this “Star Trek” presentation, the children were asked to craft and create their own representation of the planets in the Solar System using a variety of materials and then paint them using water colour paint.

Everyone in the class was thrilled with this enriching experience, proud to have made, from scratch, a beautiful representation of the Solar System. They felt a little bit wiser given the information they had picked up. It was yet another fantastic day in the life of Claudia, a day spent in the company of friends. She made the St Andrew’s care team promise that she will be able to return for more interesting lessons, about this wonderful world.  

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