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A new boy joins the family in care at St. Andrew’s

Darius settling in to his new home 

Over the last few years, St Andrew’s Hospice and children’s Centre in Pitesti has acquired an enviable reputation for offering intensive care to children with complex cardiac conditions and other disabilities.  On Monday the 8th of May and new resident joined the little family in the hospice.  Darius Tudor is three and a half, but unfortunately he was born with complex multiple congenital heart defects and with renal and vertebral ribcage malformations.

Sadly, he requires a great deal of specialised  nursing care, he needs continuous oxygen as his breathing and respiration is poor, he has feeding problems  with problems of regurgitation which can be addressed only by a careful feeding and a planned and closely managed diet. Darius is a very sick little boy, whose condition causes concern and he has spent almost all of the short life in one ward or another, either at the Marie Cure Paediatric Unit in Bucharest or in the Children’s Hospital in Pitesti.

The staff at St Andrew’s have welcomed this new arrival to the hospice’s family of care, however they are realistic that as much as they will maximise the tender loving care he requires, his future is on a knife edge, so prayers, fingers crossed and the warmest of welcomes to this little lad!   

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