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The little things always make a huge difference and make Ioana smile.

Ioana surrounded by Barry\'s personal donation

This month, Barry Long, one of Ioana Alexandra Tatu’s sponsor surprised and delighted her care team with a lovely gesture by sending a parcel packed full of beautiful things, wonderful surprises and much needed items.  Barry wanted to take care of Ioana’s essential Medical needs, so after having contacted Sandra Kinloch in the Glasgow office (St Andrew’s Child Sponsor Co-ordinator) and asked what was essential.  He generously arranged to fund a medical essentials gift box, which, as she is permanently intubated, included nasogastric probes needed for gavage feeding and  several tins of Nutren Junior, a special nutrition formula. His funds allowed for a carefully selected cotton onesie with a front zipper for ease of use and last, but not least, a “Babymoov Lovenest” support pillow, which prevents cranial distortion in the new born; this cushion, was especially recommended by Ioana’s physiotherapist on Pitesti Children’s Hospital. The care team are thrilled that Barry is attached to Ioana and that he is in regular contact with Sandra to make inquiries about her health and well-being and that he   wants to improve her quality of life by sending very much-needed gifts. 

 All of the Saint Andrew’s care team wish to thank Barry Long for his commitment and involvement, they share their thanks, hope and pray, The Good Lord, will protect and reward him with all the best things, especially good health and lots of love, for always being there for Ioana”. 

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