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Gamble Children's Centre Comes Up Trumps

Wonderful Example of Children Helping Children

The wonderful infants and children of the Gamble Children's Centre in Gourock were very busy last year rehearsing their nativity play. The Gamble Hall was filled with very proud parents and family members to watch the Christmas entertainment.

Their hard work was for charity and they asked the Chief Executive of Children in Distress and a representative of the local hospice to visit their centre so each could receive a cheque for £250.

Alisdair Barron, the charity's Chief Executive had a fantastic morning as the children treated him to their healthy living and eating programme and they played happily in their drop in cafe and play kitchen.

An Impressive and Excellent Centre

Margaret Sutherland and her team run an impressive and excellent centre which offers not only nursery education but also out of school care which includes an extensive range of activities designed to develop a child's skill and potential in safe secure and nurturing environment.

Most importantly, the centre sensitively focuses on the needs of infants and children in the wider world which is how the centre came to be part of the Children in Distress family of care.

Congratulations to everyone involved.

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