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Cristina confidently faces a better tomorrow with Phyllis’ help

Cristina in a recent pre-op photograph 

On the 20th August this year, Central Television broadcast the latest good news of Cristina Cocor, another young Romanian whose life has been changed beyond measure due to the intervention and support of long-term CID supporters. Now a pretty and lively teenager, Cristina returned to Nottingham for the most recent remedial, three-hour surgery, required to further correct the cleft lip and palate with which she was born. The daughter of Gabi Cocor, one-time accounts clerk at CID’s St Laurence Hospice, Cristina, shortly after her birth, disfigured and life compromised, with the help and support of Peter and Phyllis Sturgeon was brought over to the UK for the first of a series of operations to correct her condition. A team of surgeons in Nottingham volunteered their time to change Cristina’s life and future, for sixteen years ago, this form of corrective and cosmetic surgery was unknown and untried in Romania.

Phyllis, who was only too pleased to host her return visit, spoke of her regret that Peter was no longer with her to see Cristina, the little girl  that he had carried on his shoulders, so many years ago, now a  pretty and poised young adult. However, she shared “Cristina is looking good, although, she may need one further and final operation in 2018”. Phyllis is pleased that she, Peter and so many good people in the Nottingham community were able to help Cristina and her family and that that Cristina can look forward to a better and brighter future than anyone could ever have hoped for.  

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