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Everyone is a winner when Shildon rallies round

Shildon Thrift Shop where the action is. 

The volunteer sales team at CID’s Thrift Shop in Shildon are rushed off thier feet having recently run their ever successful Summer Raffle Draw  and raised over £550 pounds . In the process they needed the last four lucky prize winner to come forward to collect their prizes . So they decided to advertise in the local Shildon & District Town Crier to chase the holders of the last four lucky tickets Pink 550 and Blue 465,597 and 685.

So far, they have not had much success but they have had a wonderful response to their second item of news, the auction of a huge selection of new and preowned Action Man figures with assorted clothing, weapons and transport vehicles. The telephone is red hot and the shop door is ringing chimes, as boys young, and not so, young have called in or rushed round to see if there is little something collectable to be had as an Action Man bargain and to leave their winning bids.

Of the three Thrift Shops run by Children in Distress, Melanie Morgan, the Thrift Shop Manager is proud of what she and her dedicated team have achieved and she shares “Shildon is having a bumper year with income and contribution to the work of the charity and the care of the children in its hospices. Thanks Shildon for all your support!



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