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In for a penny in for a pound

Changing lives with small change 

The small ever-welcoming congregations of All Saints Church, Preston in Holderness and St Swithin Parish Church, Sproatley, both in the East Riding of Yorkshire, have long been supporters of the children cared for by Children in Distress. They hold in each church, a small change jar and little coin collecting boxes into which members of the congregation are regularly pleased to drop those small-unwanted coins that clutter up pocket and purse. This year, the collection generously also contained a number of one pound coins that have been withdrawn from circulation but at the point of collection were still being accepted by banks.

A cheque for over sixty pounds will shortly be delivered to the Charity’s reception and as the congregation shared, it is amazing what such a coin collection can achieve. In this case, this will cover the costs of a couple of months of much needed dressings for a child with very special care needs. Thank you everyone in Preston in Holderness and Sproatley for all for your love, care and prayers this simple idea can change lives. 

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