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Madalin and Daniela’s presents arrive in time for Christmas

The joy of Christmas gifts 

Sharing the fun and joy during the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas and the magic of the winter holidays has fulfilled,  whispered ideas that transformed into wishes and wishes that eventually came true, adults in search for the perfect gifts for gifts for their loved ones and protégés, Santa's arrival, brought eager and excited children laughing and checking the Christmas tree, and finally, the Christmas feast brought  a host of treasured memories.

In this great atmosphere, Cilla Doole, Madalin and Daniela’s sponsor and friend, wanted to surprise the two children and sent them each a lovely Christmas present. Although she can’t be physically be here with them  she kindly sent a thoughtful and considerate message to accompany their gifts in which  she mentioned that she constantly thinks of them, prays for them, and wants them to enjoy their gifts during this magical time of the year.

Madalin and Daniela also each received a musical toy and a clothing item. Madalin got a wonderful cotton blouse that features buttons near the collar making for easy access and dressing of Madalin’s larger head and a great multifunctional toy which immediately piqued his interested and he wanted to unwrap it immediately to see what it can do. The Educational Snail toy teaches children about colours, sounds and names of animals not to mention figures. It makes various sounds, has bright effects and can also be used as a phone. The snail also asks questions, and the child must press the button to indicate the correct answer. It's an exciting toy that got Madalin’s attention and kept him going for several hours.

Daniela received a red and white, Christmassy motifs beautiful cotton onesie, which she will wear indoors during the cold winter months and a fun Baby Piano toy. The toy will be included in the music therapy activities developed at the centre by our specialists, and will become Daniela’s trusted companion, as she dearly enjoys her music sessions. The baby piano features a small drum that Daniela immediately discovered, buttons of various colours which emit sounds, when pushed, that mimic domestic animals, but also piano keys that can be pressed to make melodious sounds.

The pictures speak a thousand words because they show each child discovering the gifts, each toy, and the excitement of unwrapping and playing with them. We would like to use this occasion and thank our big-hearted sponsor for creating such unforgettable and happy moments the children will always keep close to their hearts.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year filled with joy and great experiences! 

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