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Red-Riding hood and her “fairy Godmother” 2018 style

Red coat heaven 

Red is the colour of love and the colour of hope, red makes our hearts beat faster. Claudia wears with pride her new red coat, a gorgeous gift from a new generous friend

Towards the end of December, last year, St Andrew’s, had a number of visitors, friends and supporters from its close-knit community, big-hearted and generous supporters, who play an important role locally. The children welcome them with open arms and happy memories were created during a time, when sharing is caring. One wonderful visitor arrived with one of the groups, she was really engaged and moved by Claudia’s life story and by the progress, she has made over the years. The two spent some time together getting to know each other and this generous guest promised to return to see Claudia again. 

Yesterday, she paid a surprise visit and she taking time to discuss Claudia’s Klippel-Feil syndrome, to understand more about St Andrew’s adventurous young lady, her every day challenges and setbacks. Claudia goes to a local school, is highly regarded by her class colleagues, having friends in the community and many big-hearted supporters in the UK who like to encourage her artistic and creative passions. Claudia likes to keep up with her friends, has good grades at school and is very thorough when it comes to homework, practicing and learning new facts and information. All of our visitors praised her social skills, her outgoing and warm personality and polite way of being around unfamiliar faces. Our visitor, was delighted to hear that Claudia is integrated in our local community and she really enjoyed spending a little more time with her and finding out about the child’s hobbies, interests and ideas about our times. She then gifted Claudia with a beautiful bright red winter anorak without even knowing that red is one of Claudia’s favourite colours which cheers her up and makes her feel quite dainty and ladylike.


All of the care team are happy for Claudia and she will be wearing with pride her new red winter coat, especially given the record low temperatures predicted for the next couple of months. This gift was a great surprise, another one of this year’s incredibly generous gifts from Santa; we couldn’t be happier or feel more blessed that such wonderful people live in the local community, and who like to help the children in our care. Thank you all for your generosity and kindness and for taking the time to bring another little ray of hope to Claudia.

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