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New Pediatric Nurse Cristina Enache says “Helping Children with Special Needs Enriches my Life

Caring as only a nurse can do 

Although an expereinced paediatric nurse, when I joined my new Children in Distress family, I knew little about children with ‘special needs’. My first contact with the kids at St Margaret’s was therefore a bit of a shock, bringing mixed feelings and a range of thoughts and impressions. I soon understood the futility of looking for an explanation for their condition, it was simply more important to realise that these children should experience life and have a future like any other child. I saw need to apply what my parents, and the tutors responsible for my professional education taught me, about offering unselfish love to all who need it; to put the needs of others before my own. It’s a pleasure to see everyone in our care team, so focused on assuring dignity in life, and offering heartfelt love and tender care to all the children in our St. Margaret's family, especially to those children, for whom, due to their condition, each moment of life is precious.

The hug, the kisses, cuddles and daily comforting showered on the children makes them feel that they are more part of a ‘normal’ family, than a child living in care. When I mention the TLC (tender loving care) and the child development provided for our children at St Margaret's Hospice, I have in mind not only the dedication and commitment of our carers, but also the enormous effort put in by fundraisers and donors and sponsors.  Each of whom, in their own way, often quietly behind the scenes, support our work financially and in so many other ways. In return, the children reward our work by achieving positive developments in their life, which oft times for these children could be considered a small "miracles" and that make all of us who care exceptionally happy.

With this, you will perhaps understand why for the St Margaret’s care team, on a daily basis, it is well worth getting up for the children about whom we care so much. To care for them, can be the most precious gift which life offers. I trust  you will understand and will  share our feelings and so will continue to support the efforts of all of us at St Margaret’s to assure the  dignities of life and ongoing care to some very special children.


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