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Florin - A Case in Point

Abadoned But He Has Something Special

Florin joined his friends in St Margaret's Hospice within weeks of being abandoned by his parents and the doctors who cared for him. Diagnosed with club feet, a heart defect and Morbious syndrome,  he was weak, dehydrated and certainly fulfilled the three months or less life expectation criteria to have a bed amongst all the other infants in terminal palliative care.

He Was Different From So Many Others

Florin was different, anxious in the way he clung to life, active to reach out for care, hungry for food and the love lavished on him.

He thrived and prospered, he even presided at Board Meetings when his incessant cries disturbed the meeting and the Chairman of Trustees lifted him and carried him sobbing from his cot.

Operations to Correct his Club Feet have Failed But It Doesn't Hold Him Back

As Florin has grown, the charity has tried to give him the opportunity of a more normal life.  Three orthopaedic operations with months of pain in plaster casts have failed to achieve the much hoped for improvements. Today he needs another operation but successive surgeons have refused given the mass of scar tissue their predecessors have left.

Florin is Desperate to Learn

Florin has been at four kindergartens, driven from each by the attitudes of parents to his disabilities.  He is now at special nursery school where he has blossomed and grows in confidence. He has met Romania's King Michael and Prime Minister Tariceanu, and a host of personalities whom he has charmed, but recently Florin became an achiever in his own right as he was awarded this year's junior class diploma as a hard working mathematician. Florin is seen proudly displaying his diploma in the accompanying picture.

To sponsor Florin or help children like him achieve their potential through multiple developmental therapy, please contact Isabel Davis on 044 141 559 5693 or


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