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Claudia’s Family trip to the mountains

Claudiaand Dana enjoying the early Spring fresh air 

Last week, Dana, St Andrew’s physiotherapist organised an outing, to mountain cabin in the picturesque area of Rucar – Prislop and young Claudia, was invited to join in the party. The weather was beautiful and temperatures have soared in the city so time spent in the great outdoors was recommended to invigorate the heart and body. Dana asked permission to allow Claudia to join the family  and have a couple of days away.

Such outings organized by the centre’s staff allow residents to spend time in the company of families, helps them understand family dynamics, teaches social customs and allow them to experience a life outside the centre in a supported family setting. Claudia is already considered a member of Dana’s extended family, as she has already been included in family outings, celebrations and activities, trips. These have filled her free time and helped her adapt to family rules and group activities and encourage fully-fledged social integration. Hitch hiking, picnics, fun games filled the family’s time making their stay at the mountains a memorable experience. Claudia was a part of all the proposed games and took pleasure in participating and having fun. The children were asked to set the table or wash the dishes after meals so that they learn basic skills and to make themselves useful.  

Claudia came back with many stories to tell of her happy experiences and wonderful time with Dana’s family. She is looking forward to the summer vacation and is ready to face what’s next on her busy school timetable. She is positive that this summer’s new experiences will make her days seem brighter.

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