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Now Robert Alexandru is here, even our last emergency bed is full

Robert has settle in


Romania’s public social services continue to suffer the consequences of the economic crisis that bedevils the country. The public centres for children with special needs can’t assure adequate medical assistance or offer proper social services. At St. Margaret’s Hospice, our care team offers a spectacular range of high quality medical services that have no equivalent in the public social services for children with an acute diagnosis and poor prognosis. The children from our centre are carefully nurtured; surrounded by friendly, professionally trained, carers and receive a lot of affection. Based on a good long term partnership, the Child Protection Department Ilfov, referred a new born boy called Robert Alexandru; they desperately needed the  special services that only St. Margaret’s can offer; we agreed to admit him in our centre, on the 15th  January 2010.


Like most of the children that we have here at St. Margaret, Robert has an unfortunate life story.

His mother is 24 years old and she lives in a poor area near Bucharest with her mother. Roxana has two children: Emanuel, who is 2 years old and Robert. She has no income. She receives financial and emotional support from her mother, who is helping her raising her older son. She met Vasile, the father of her two boys, when she 19 years old, he refuses to recognize both his children, and he is currently in prison for 9 months.


Robert was born in “Maria Burghele” Hospital, in Buftea, a small town close to Bucharest. Due to his diagnosis of birth severe asphyxia, encephalomacia and meconium he was transferred to “Panait Sarbu” Hospital in Bucharest. Here, the medical staff succeeded in stabilizing his condition.  When mother and baby were discharged from the hospital, on the 7th of December 2009, Roxana decided due to her financial difficulties and her lack of support from Robert’s father to leave her son with the Child Protection Department in Ilfov.  


When he was brought to St. Margaret’s on Friday, his hygiene wasn’t appropriate: we had to cut his nails, gave him a bath and oil on his body because he had some skin irritations; we also gave him new clothes; Robert was also hungry because he enjoyed his lunch. Robert is a really beautiful baby boy, with big blue eyes. We all know that the mother son the relationship is so very important to a child’s normal development   so we contacted Roxana and asked if she would be interested to come to spend time with her baby; initially, she seemed enthusiastic, when we tried to contact her again, she didn’t answer at our calls.


The staff from St. Margaret loved him the moment he became “our child”. Because he is just 3 months old, Robert isn’t baptised, we will talk with the priest from our parish to establish a date for when Robert can be baptised. If you would like to sponsor Robert or assist with his care please contact Isabel Davis on 0141 559 5693 or email


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