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Laurentiu “Home Alone”

Laurentiu fending for himself



Laurentiu is only fourteen, his childhood has been really tough, his father didn’t acknowledge him and his mother took up with someone else but unfortunately for Laurentiu her boyfriend didn’t want him in the house and told her to throw him out.


At the age of eleven Laurentiu was forced to scavenge for the materials to build his own small mud brick house, he lives in one room with no water, electricity or heating.  Although he lives in fairly basic conditions it hasn’t prevented Laurentiu attending school or coming home with good school grades. In September when it started he was recommended to the POSDRU project running in St Christopher’s Centre in Curtea de Arges. After their initial assessment the team took him to the doctors, the dentist, and the opticians and Laurentiu looks quite smart in his new glasses. Their dietician was worried about him, so the project now supplies his daily meals, as well as clothing and shoes. It’s difficult even for a bright lad to do well at school if he is constantly hungry.


The project supplies the basic school materials he needs to keep up with the constant demands of high school work and he pushes himself hard as he is a very hard working an ambitious young man. He also has a superb singing voice and a natural ear for music, as he demonstrated singing for a group of CID supporters recently.  


The Project’s Social Worker was left speechless when she tried to persuade Laurentiu’s mother to have him back home when she answered “I can’t have him home. My boyfriend told me to me to choose between him and Laurentiu. I have no job, the only money I have is brought in by my boyfriend. I can’t have Laurentiu back at home. I’m so sorry.”


So Laurentiu faces another summer and winter in his once roomed shack it appears he cannot come in from the cold for love nor money.


CIDRO’s POSDRU project meets the educational needs of the socially and economically disadvantaged; Rroma children and those with disabilities or social/educational challenges. Currently over 285 children have signed up and a range of teachers, social workers and educational psychologist and specialists are involved as part of their personal and professional development. If you would like to know more or to help young Laurentiu please call Alisdair Barron on 0141559 5695 or contact

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