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Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Capel Community Church's fresh face of fundraising

Nativity Exhibition 2012

Capel Community Church Craft Group held its Christmas Fayre and Coffee Morning 2011 on Saturday 5th November. This was the second event for this enterprising and dedicated support group. It really wasn’t the best of days; the sun didn’t shine; in fact, it was grey and rained a lot! Nevertheless, braving the storms people came, ate the wonderful home baked cakes and drank coffee, chatted and appeared to have a good time. Many “trapped by the rain”, passed the time by wandering around the stalls a second time and then drank more coffee and ate more cake!  Everyone had a good time, raising £560 in the process

The organising team are already thinking ahead and considering something a little different for 2012 ,the year of the Olympics, and have decided on  a marathon Handcrafts Coffee and Cakes event; an inspired idea  with a unique display of nativity scenes plus a handcrafts crafts, and the ubiquitous coffee and cakes! With that in mind, they are already asking if CID supporters across the UK have a much-loved nativity set, they might borrow next October or November. They are now inviting much-loved nativity sets old or new, contemporary or historic, big or small, traditional to us in the UK or something from far afield. You will no doubt want it back for Christmas and they will work out the transport logistics where they can.

If you have a much loved or treasured nativity, perhaps with a story of joy to tell or you might like to share to bring a little joy to others and perhaps raise some funds to help children who are terminally or incurably ill, they would love to hear from you.

For the talented handcrafters and members of CID’s handcrafters Guild there is also the opportunity to knit or sew a special nativity there beautiful patterns available on the internet and Jane Russell and the Handcrafter Guild will be selecting a few to share on demand.

If you would like to help please contact Jane Russell on 07775 695611 or E-mail:

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