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Clothes make the man

Laurentiu and much needed clothes

Young Laurentiu Strőe continues to impress with his ambition and his ability to deal with all the life challenges he has to face. He is doing well despite continuing severe psoriasis, which Laurentiu is determined will not bother him anymore; he suffered a severe seizure at the beginning of February. The record low temperatures and inadequate living condition in the seminary resulted in a bout of flu and he had simply taken too much anti-flu medication. Fortunately, he recovered very well and is back to the favorite winter activities he enjoys playing with the snow and of course snowballs, snowmen and sledging.

At school, Laurentiu had very good results. He continues at theological seminary and he now also participates in the religious services, being a very active member of the church’s choir.

Recently our POSDRU team discovered that Laurentiu is just as addicted to clothes shopping as any teenager of his generation. For the first time in his life Laurentiu was taken to buy the clothes he desperately needed, it was quite an experience since for the first time he could choose the clothes he could afford; a suit, some shirts, underwear, slacks, sweaters, coat and a  scarf.  He was thrilled that supporters in the UK thought enough of his story to help put clothes on his back and keep him relatively warm and fed. Laurentiu is exceptionally grateful for the many kindnesses, gifts and support that have changed his life.

Laurentiu is  a young man with considerable potential, given a chance by CID’s POSDRU programme and the generosity of donors in the UK if you would like to ask more of sponsoring a child and changing a life please contact Alisdair Barron on 0141 559 5695 or email

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