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Summer in the Sensory Garden

Summer living  in the shade

Our Hospice care team often want to share a little glimpse how things are evolving in St Margaret’s Hospice little world.

Summer days can be beautiful in Romania, what’s not to like about sunshine, warm weather and lazy days in the hospice’s sensory garden or by its paddling or ball pool. The children at St Margaret’s and their carers often relax in the cool of morning listening to children's music and enjoying the new sensory experience of playing with sand.

Our Maternal Assistants are  very proud of their charges and cannot wait to share news of each developmental step forward, like ever smiling  Darius, who now for instance  stickily single handed eats slices of  bread and jam, he has quite a talent for it, even if his face ends up  covered with jam. Or little Maria, who, by the day, becomes increasingly independent, slowly beginning to walk by herself. Her current single-handed long distance toddle record is about three metres. This cute little budding ‘Olympian’ is ready to conquer the world especially in her chic, new, first birthday gift earrings recently received from her godmother. As for Saint Margaret’s newbie: Nicoleta, clearly she soon will be competing with little Maria for the title “the cutest girl in the sensorial garden.” She is fortunate that her parents visit her constantly, taking her out in the park.

If you could help make this a summer to remember for the children in our palliative and respite care programme please call 0141 559 5690 or contact Julian Dawydiak at


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