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Autism treatment changes Alexandru's life

For the parent of a child with Autism, getting help in Romania today is a tale of unremitting battles against professional indifference, incompetence, simple ignorance and bureaucracy. Every day brings another spirit-sapping battle and few bringing little victories. 

Alexandru is a 13 year-old boy, diagnosed with autism and language delay, who now receives ABA therapy at St Michael’s.  He is the school’s "little giant” since he is all of 1.70m tall and weighs in at approximately 60 kilograms. As he is a big strong lad, the team of therapists have had to develop some innovative motivational techniques, since there is just no way to make him do what he doesn't want to do.

When Alexandru's father first asked that his son be transferred from his existing special school, the St Michael’s team already knew him relatively well having carried out an initial assessment in 2006. Fortunately, both Alex and his family trusted the team and were happy with their help and assistance in the past.  Our professional therapists were cautious at first and contacted the school to see his files, however the special school staff were hostile, would not co-operate, and even tried to block the proposed transfer. Alexandru's parents were very dissatisfied with their son’s progress in school and concerned that he was not being allowed a transfer they felt could change his life. Working closely with the parents, the team completed a range of reviews and assessments, almost jumping through hoops, before finally Alexandru was transferred to Saint Michael’s.

Since joining in September 2011, he has improved radically and we have managed his fixations; he would only come to school if his Dad brought him in the family car. Alexander also had problems with personal hygiene, since he did not want to change his clothes. But with some subtle work, all that has changed, now he can dress himself without help, can eat by himself and can even for the first time write the whole alphabet. Today Alexandru’s parents are very pleased with his progress and greatly appreciate the St Michael’s therapists, whom they feel do all they can for their son. For the first time in his life, Alexandru has a personal programme tailored and appropriate to his needs and the results speak for themselves.

Autism is a daily challenge for any child. If you would like to help ensure that St Michael’s can change the lives of other children, please contact May Biggam, CID’s Funding Development Manager to talk about sponsoring some ABA therapy sessions. Call May on 0141 559 5693 


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