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Having new roof over our heads or some “blue sky” thinking

New dayroom & therapay suite roof and velux windows

A few months ago, we shared the news of the urgency of need to repair last winter’s damage to the roof of St Margaret’s conservatory therapy area and dayroom and the adjacent children’s ward. Radical repairs were urgent before this autumn’s rain storms swept in to deluge Bucharest. With a great sigh of relief, we can share that all of the work is complete and the children have moved back into their normal beds in familiar surroundings.

For builders, staff and even children  this has been a very trying few weeks, the children had to bivouac in a temporary ward created in the next door’s St Nicolas first floor therapy suite and half of their sensory garden was filled with building materials. The down side was that time in their own sensory garden was limited; the upside was the daily visits to nearby parks and gardens to make up their time in the sun.

Everyone is glad to be back “home”, the new Velux window means everyone can see blue sky all of the time, the new windows and doors onto the garden mean that winter drafts will be less but the view is better and there is infinitely more natural light than ever before. The newly installed roof and wall insulation should keep the rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in summer and all of the drips, buckets, mops and damp patches are hopefully now things of the past.

For the children in the hospice, the moving back day must have seemed a bit of an anticlimax for their routine remained the same, their social mothers continued to care for them; Tanta Voica, the cook, prepared lunch. Elsewhere other members of the team busied away, scrubbed, cleaned and moved and set up beds and furniture to ensure that everything was spotless and ready for them when it was time to come in from their day in the sun.

Our thanks go to everyone who made this redevelopment possible. We do still have a little of the redevelopment costs to cover so if you could help with a donation no matter how small please donate via the website’s Just Giving link or call 0141 559 5690.


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