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It Snow just fun, but also play therapy

New Year\'s Day fun in the snow

The allure of fresh snow and the fun it offers make children of us all, as the adults of the admin team at St Margaret’s recently proved when they joined the children in the hospice’s sensory garden for some serious snow-balling.  Having enjoyed all the Christmas fun on offer in the warmth of their ward and playroom, the children were rather anxious, having been cooped up for three days, to get out into the new fallen snow to have a little hands-on fun and to blow the cobwebs way. Everyone was having so much fun, that the seniors soon joined in and hey presto!  A snowball fight had everyone having fun.

Darius, Maria and little Rafael made the most of having grown ups to pelt with snow and every one came in warn, tired and side-sore from their laughter.

The serious side of all of this is that our team is dedicated to offering the children as much fun and diversion as possible and ensuring that they live life to the full with fun wherever possible. That’s what makes St Margaret’s Hospice just that little bit different.

If you would like to help our children make the most of life when they can, please consider making an online donation by clicking the ‘Just Giving’ banner on the site’s home page.

On behalf of all of the children in our hospices and children projects, all of our carers and support staff  we wish you all that is good for 2013 and express our hope that you will consider supporting our work as and when you can.     

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