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Our Domestic Goddess, Tante Voica’s daily challenge

Our  "Domestic Goddess" and her troublesome stove

Tante (Aunty) Voica the much loved “domestic goddess”, cook and dietician for the infants and children at St Margaret’s Hospice in Bucharest dally faces the challenge of producing nutritious and balanced meals for the children. Her role is made more difficult by the state of her kitchen’s stove.

When the kitchen was rebuilt some seven years ago the fixtures and fittings were replaced with the best that could be afforded in the midst of so major a redevelopment. Sadly, daily use and now obsolescent fittings means that the stove needs replaced. Its control knobs are loose, the oven thermostat is temperamental and the stove top burners have been affected by the poor quality of the gas which feeds the stove.

At St Margaret caring for children has top priority so they had hoped that this capital expenditure might be covered by a special grant donation but sadly last year this was promised and then withdrawn. So Voica battles on in the hope that one day an angel will resolve her problem and help replace the problematic stove.

If you could help Voica and the children by assisting with the replacement of the stove at St Margaret’s Hospice please contact the Chief Executive at or call him on 0141 559 5695.   

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