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Maria, seen sleeping on the Job for once.

Is she on hold we wonder?

Life can be exhausting, in the indescribable heat that is Bucharest this week,  when you are a dynamic, ever mobile and  go-ahead, young lady with so much to do and so little time to do it. Here we catch off-guard, one of the most active of the St Margaret’s Hospice “management team” in one of those intimate moments of power napping after series of very demanding telephone calls on her toy “designer” mobile. It appears that she simply dropped off whilst listening to the last call. When “your people” cannot talk to “their people” and you simply have to take pretend calls yourself   a few stolen minutes of shut eye can be the only option.

After her afternoon siesta, young Maria will soon be back on form and in full control, co-ordinating the games and chasing the boys round the sensory garden ensuring that everything is ship shape and Bristol fashion.

Life at St Margaret’s Hospice can be very exiting if you would like to help keep it that way why not consider a child sponsorship or making a donation to keep our hospice  bed’s open, simply click our  Just Giving link  

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