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“The life that I have, Is all that I have”

Florin settling in at St Laurence

Florin Parau was one of the new generation of body positive youngsters, who have moved into independent living at St Laurence having spent a lifetime in care. Although apprehensive about his new surroundings, as a well mannered and quiet lad he had been readily welcomed and accepted by his new “family” and he had settled in well, however his health gave them great cause for concern.


In May, Florin looked particularly ill and at the suggestion of the St Laurence nurse was admitted for tests to the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Constanta and it was confirmed that his HIV viral infection had advanced rapidly and that he was also suffering from viral cirrhosis, emaciation and a number of HIV related complications , together with a range of hepatitis viral infections. Florin in considerable and ever increasing pain was prescribed large doses of multiple oral medications three times each day, however the pain and discomfort was permanent and unyielding and he did not respond to treatment. Florin was readmitted to hospital but not surprisingly had became clinically depressed. On the first of June death brought release from the torture he has bravely endured for the last few months.


Although a relative stranger to the others at St Laurence, Florin was seldom alone and was visited regularly by staff and the new friends he had made in his short stay at St Laurence.

Although now a centre for independent living  offering  help and hope for a new life,  St Laurence also still offers shelter and support to the sick and infirm when need it most.     

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