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Rafael-Hope for complete recovery is slim

Rafi after surgery

Little Rafael Illie suffers with Sticker Syndrome and one of the indicators has been recurrent problems with both eyes. Whilst at St Margaret’s he has had operations to deal with the pressure building up as result of glaucoma, the removal of a fast growing cataract and operations to repair a detached retina in his left eye.

Rafi is bless with boundless energy and is highly inquisitive, so much so that he has been nicknamed the "Little Tornado". In the hope that school might tax and tire him a little, he has been enrolled to start next term in the most junior class of the nearby primary school. 

He has had all the tests required and was regarded as fighting fit, however in early June it was noticed that he once again was having problems focussing with his left eye and was rubbing it as though it was irritated. He was rushed to hospital and a detached retina was again diagnosed. The ophthalmic surgeon was initially quite pessimistic and reluctant to operate, however on June 16th he was prepped for surgery and underwent a second laser surgery for detached retina. In the end the procedure was uneventful and without complications. As his doctor was pleased to report “the child is under treatment and he is recovering nicely," but she added "unfortunately the likelihood of having a complete recovery in the eye is now very slim”.

Rafi is one of the lucky children, who because of his connection with the charity have received repeated treatment. We would like to thank the team of doctors, who have helped save his sight and who now will constantly monitor his condition, we can only pray that this time the operation is a success.   

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