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Little Nico is getting more and more independent by the day

Nico in her new chair

Nicoleta has never been fazed by her Spina bifida nor let it set back her personal development. Recently to help further develop her independence she was given a new wheelchair and she has simply never looked back. Over the last few weeks she has become quite the little expert in turning circles, cornering, the odd hand brake turn and body swerving any and all obstacles that cross her path. She now moves like quicksilver and has all the independence that any three year-old would wish.


Her carer and therapist team are thrilled at what she has achieved and by the way she has seized her independence, the more so, since her other health issues seem no longer to be causing undue concern.  Nico is an exceptionally happy little girl who just beams smiles and laughs constantly sharing with everyone just how happy she is. Perhaps she is fortunate to be surrounded  by a loving  ‘extended family’ at  Saint Margaret’s  where she has dedicated carers, patient therapists and other children who adore her, she is literally showered with tender loving care and affection.


Nico is daily encouraged to progress and her care and therapists team are so proud of all she has achieved.   If you would like to help Nico or one of St Margaret’s other children with disability maximise their potential or seize the opportunity of life, please contact Ruxandra our Child Sponsorship Champion by emailing or by telephoning 0141 559 5690  

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