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Let's celebrate its cold outside

When you are under five and missed out on the last party simply because you all had a bad cold or flu, who needs a reason for a party. This week after weeks of pestering Ms Valentina with  “when can we have our party” the children in St Margaret’s Hospice enjoyed all the fun they had missed before Christmas. They had cake, juice and ice cream, indoor fireworks and a great deal of fun. Since it was nobody’s birthday it was everybody’s birthday and they simply celebrated the fact that CID is just a big family and the fact that the children have been given a childhood amongst people who care for them like their own.


Rafi, Florin, Cristina, Maria, Nicoleta and Darius, although closely supervised  got to spend a  fantastic time  eating delicious crème sponge cake, singing, dancing and planning the next party bash. . And oh, as there is no party sans some whipped cream pranks, everybody went to bed with little sticky noses!


So there is a standing   invitation and if you are in the area drop in you’re invited to join one of our next parties as the CID family always welcomes its new members with open arms!

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