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Crèche time simply fun in the afternoon

The creche was fun

At St Margaret’s Hospice, the care team ensure that the children, wherever possible, lead as normal a life as possible and experience as much of life as other children of their own age. We have just embarked on a new programme of visits or enhancing  life skills development, which includes a shopping experience. The kids often visit their  local shop with  pocket money to buy sweets and juice, however had never been to a large Shopping Mall or visited its crèche. So this was their first experience of what the Mall had to offer.

The consensus was that although window shopping was boring the crèche was  fun on a whole new plane, with its giant ball pool, the chance to climb or swing for the roof or  ride a sprung  horse , play shops  or cook, to say nothing of the music games and other toys on offer .The crèche staff were thrilled to have these special children in for a visit.

Everyone agreed that the Mall was the best fun ever and cannot wait until their next visit. Enriching the life of a child who is terminally or incurably ill is very important for we want to ensure that they have every chance to enjoy life to the full. If you would like to enrich the life on one of these children by sponsoring a day of fun please contact Ruxandra to discuss how you could help on 0141559 5690

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