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The promise of Easter can be so EGGS-citing

Painting coloured eggs can be so much fun

Romania’s Easter begins on Holy Thursday, but the public holiday begins  on Sunday 12th April, the  date set by the Orthodox Christian Church, which  often differs from the Easter dates  determined by other Christian churches  since  the  Orthodox church follows  the revised Julian Calendar rather than the Gregorian Calendar  used across  Western Europe .  

Easter Day (Paștele) is a major public holiday and churches across Romania hold special Easter midnight services,” the Service of the Light” and families and friends gather thereafter for an Easter lunch or dinner, where the traditional meal would include: Lamb, including drob a form of lamb haggis with vegetables; Pască, a special type of Cozonac, a pound cake made with walnuts; and brightly painted eggs of red, yellow, blue, green and black. These painted and decorated eggs are called “oua incondeiate”, “oua impiestrite”, or “oua inchiestrite”. It is customary to knock each other’s eggs during Easter, and it is believed that people who knock each other’s eggs will see each other again after death.

The excitement of painting eggs is normally reserved for children and at St Margaret’s in preparation for Easter, everyone who could be, was involved in the fun. With painting caps on, and swathed  in bright green plastic aprons, they helped boil the eggs, dye them and then painted them in bright beautiful designs.

The kids have done their bit to ensure a happy and peaceful Easter for their friends and little family of care and although supporters across the UK may have already had their Easter celebration, in thanks for your help and support, the children wish you and yours “a Happy and much Blessed Easter”.   



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