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Rafi, back on the road to recovery, once again

Rafi on his bike

Little Rafael, who is resident at St Margaret’s Hospice in Bucharest, after  so much  corrective and emergency surgery is no stranger to the operating theatres of the Budimex (Marie Curie) Children’s Hospital. He was recently re-admitted to have a hole left in his soft palate closed, thus completing the surgery begun when his clef palate was repaired some two years ago. The surgeon who carried out the original procedure was concerned at excessive soft tissue bleeding and felt unable to complete the operation.  The CID team have searched long and hard to find another surgeon who could be persuaded to complete the surgery, a job which Rafi’s speech therapists felt absolutely essential.

Rafi was admitted, prepped and readied for surgery, on Monday 27th July. The two hour surgical procedure was a complete success and after only a further two hours in intensive care, he was returned to the care of his CID nurse, waiting on tender hooks, in the children’s ward and the following day was discharged.

Recovery has been fairly swift as Rafi bounced back, he has shaken off the immediate  side effects  of  the anaesthetic  and although a little mouth sore,  three days later, as irrepressible as ever, he was  already back out in the yard on his bike ready to play. It is hoped that this operation will help with his suck reflex and help improve his speech patterns.

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