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A Christmas Tale from Curtea de Arges: Little things always make a huge difference

Inspired to donate this Christmas

Inspired and pleasantly surprised by news of the work carried out at St Christopher’s Centre with  students and pre-school children from families in distress, a nice and young family from the local  community recently decided to assist the efforts of our CID team  by supporting  and helping  one of the  projects beneficiaries with gifts of food the food  and clothing .

Visiting St Christopher’s  the young family  had the chance to talk with  the children about the problems they and their families  currently face and they also wanted to thank the team for all their work supporting  children facing  so  many day to day challenges. The children told to our new “friends” about the beautifully wrapped shoe boxes containing presents, they received in the past, sent all the way from the UK by supporters and friends who think about them; how they spend their school holidays on trips and in interesting group activities. They also shared they story of the visit of two wonderful teachers Kathleen and Jen who gave up their holidays to travel from Great Britain just to teach them to speak English and also about how they are helped on a daily basis with their school homework by the Saint Christopher’s team.

The young couple initially had learnt more about CID RO and its activities while browsing the charity’s website, and that they simply didn’t have enough words of thanks for everyone in the UK, who has done such a fantastic job caring for Romania’s children over the years. So they had decided to follow their example and to make a difference by use their albeit limited means, to help another family, as they it didn’t need too much to do so.

This generous couple donated clothes, pillows, blankets, a warm duvet and all the food needed for a delicious Christmas dinner. This donation went to the family of one of the little girls, who is currently enrolled in the CID’s social welfare programme.  This donation gave her all the things she has been dreaming of and her family needed.  Alexandra was thrilled and profoundly moved to receive so many presents and thanked this young couple for their generosity and kindness. These two young benefactors were shocked to discover the conditions in which Alexandra’s family currently live.  For Alexandra, who is 14 years old, and who lives with multiple sight problems having both chronic near-sightedness and untreated and inoperable strabismus, lives with her other two siblings and their parents in a tiny mud brick cottage.

Alexandra’s mother thanked everyone for being at their side consistently offering help and support.  She thanked the specialists for taking care of Alexandra’s needs and for always accompanying her daughter to each ophthalmologic appointment and for helping her to overcome the challenges and difficulties she has been facing over the years. 

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