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News from St. Christopher’s Curtea de Arges Front of young Bianca B.

Bianca with her Christmas gift

It seems, the activity developed and supported by CID UK and its supporters has recently inspired some local community families to join CID’s extended family of care, they may not have substantial incomes but they have big hearts and the wish to help others. The St Christopher’s team are encouraged to see how their activity is appreciated by people in the community’s so much so  that some try to personally support the work, if only during the winter holidays season.

Recently our local  CID team managed to bring a little happiness to a child this Christmas. Bianca B., is a 12 year old girl from Oesti, who sadly was recently abandoned by her mother in the care of her unemployed father and paternal grandmother. This small family face enormous financial challenges; despite which Bianca remains a lively and optimistic kid. Recently she has been extremely low and depressed for her mother’s departure has brought so much sorrow.  Although Bianca is being supported by specialist counsellors in the team and helped to come to terms with this difficult period in her life, she sometimes feels so overwhelmed when she thinks about her mum. To bring back some hope and a little happiness, her counsellors found out she desperately needed a computer to help with school work but this seem unlikely given the family dire financial situation. Getting together with a local “angel” and benefactor, the team managed to find just what needed, so on Christmas Eve, they paid Bianca a surprise visit taking as her Christmas gift, the much longed for computer and all the necessary accessories. Bianca’s was over whelmed and her reaction really moved her visitors, because when she saw what they had brought she was overwhelmed and cried and laughed at the same time.

Bianca now it seems has a “new friend” and benefactor. We know that her “angel’s” small act of kindness can’t replace a mother’s love and affection but her new computer will help her tremendously with her studies and school projects, which will help her come terms with some the difficult aspects of her new life and future.

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