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Sofia Asan of St Laurence, Cernavoda

Sofia before her recent illness

Friends of Sofia Asan, one of the characters of the little survivors group living at St Laurence Cernavoda will be sorry to hear that recently her health has deteriorated rapidly and that she had to be rushed to hospital on the 2nd of January 2016.  

Sofia is receiving intravenous antibiotics and medication and is under constant nursing care however is currently failing to respond to treatment. She requires oxygen to help her breathing, is in considerable pain and exceptionally frail requiring nurses to regularly assist in making her a just  a little more conformable . 

Throughout this very difficult time, she has had the support of her friends and staff from St Laurence, who have set up a Rota to ensure that she always has someone at her side, bringing   a little comfort and support. She has visitors in groups, to spend time with her and bring her all that she needs, like a fresh bed clothes, fruits, and compote and herb teas. Sofia’s dedicated friends  help her to wash and clean herself, change her clothes, or when she wants to spend some time outside of the ward, they  take her in a wheelchair to a couple of big picture windows in the hospital’s entrance hall. That way she can gaze outside, as the windows offer a beautiful panoramic view of Constanta. Her friends being there seem to help her mood, gives her hope and helps her fight, because Sofia knows that she is not alone.

Sofia has taken to thanking her friends and kindly asks that her friends pray for her. So, during sad and difficult time we ask of you to say a little prayer for Sofia and keep her in your thoughts so that our good Lord will aid her recovery and get her the strength to get through this difficult episode in her life. She needs all our hope and positive thoughts. 

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