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Working to improve Izabela’s life

Izabel exploring her surroundings

When little Izabela Enache was born prematurely in March 2013 she had a very difficult time, needing neonatal resuscitation  and period of assisted breathing  due to actuate repertory distress. When only 17 day old she was rushed to theatre for a tracheotomy   and stoma insertion to assist her breathing which has helped but she has been regularly readmitted as her abnormal epiglottis, renal polycystic syndrome put her life at risk and her motor development delay and severe hearing loss need constant review. To negate the ever present choke risk, Izabela requires constant monitoring, the aspiration of fluid build-up and the use of aerosols to help her breathing. Despite her numerous health challenges Izabela is making progress, is bright and alert ,conscious of what going on around her  and is learning to play with the soft toys she likes.

After an assessment at the Marie Cure Hospital in Bucharest, Izabela was fitted with specialised hearing aids which have helped to a degree, for she can now hear louder sounds but as yet seems to find it difficult to determine their source. This does not prevent her responding to touch and interacting and responding with the broadest of smiles.  She is developing mobility and her sense of touch, especially when brightly coloured soft toys are involved. Her specially tailored therapy programme is designed to help her explore and understand her surrounding and to acquire new skills; in addition her new hearing aids have made a considerable difference to her sensory experience.

Her psychologists and physiotherapists are very positive are very positive about Izabela’s future and are working hard to maximise her opportunity and longer term potential. Keep up the good work team Pitesti Izabela needs your help to make life worthwhile.

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