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The little family in St Andrew’s Hospice has just got bigger

Clara-Maria resting peacefully after coming from hospital


On the 25th of February, Clara-Maria Popescu joined the little family resident in St Andrew’s Hospice, Pitesti. Born on the 11th November last year, Clara was diagnosed with neonatal encephalopathy or abnormal neurological function in the first few days of life of an infant born at term. This can commonly be caused by birth asphyxia and is sometimes characterised by an abnormal level of consciousness, seizures, tone and reflex abnormalities, apnea, aspiration and feeding difficulties. Sadly, Clara-Maria  has convulsions, can’t establish eye contact, she had a flexed body posture supported by her legs and arms, and  some  motor problems as she can’t extend her legs. She also lacks the ability to raise her head. There is some evidence of photo-motor problems and due to poor swallow reflex she has to be fed though her nose directly into her stomach.

All in all Clara-Marie is very poorly and needs a great deal of help and care from her dedicated nursing team





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