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Women’s Day a day of thankful celebration of years of love and care

Final preparations to celebrate Women\'s Day

Each year, the team at St Margaret’s celebrates International Women’s Day and this 8th of March was no exception. The team are really proud of this traditions and they encourage the children to be creative and spontaneous and to join in the celebrations with love.

Bright and early, Rafi, Maria, Florin and Darius started preparing a surprise present for those carers who help and support them and surround them with love affections and care. Around noon their hard work complete but feeling a little bit nervous and exceptionally excited, the gang of four waited  impatiently in turn  to offer their gifts and to get in return a warm hug full of love and appreciation. They also got to say “Happy Women’s Day!” in their own special way to their ladies, “ the mums”, who are always by their side ready to catch them or support then on a daily basis .

Happy 8th of March everyone out there in Cid’s extended family of care and have a wonderful Spring!

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