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Joining St Margaret’s Medical Team

Even examinations can be fun

After going through a pretty challenging time at St Margaret’s, with David and Ana Maria both hospitalised and diagnosed with severe acute respiratory infections, things have started to look up and activity has almost returned to normal. Quarantine has ended and the kids have returned from hospital in relatively good health ready to return to their daily rehabilitation and therapy regimes.

To assure St Margaret’s continuing quality care standards and to comply with the new legislation on operating standards, two new doctors have joined the team to better monitor the health of the children. Dr Ana Maria Badea, a paediatrician came highly recommended by Dr Mirela Iancu, St Margaret’s Paediatric Consultant, she was briefed on the health of the children and quickly became acquainted with the kids and their individual problems.  She has also been joined by Dr Lucica Ghita, a neurologist from the Alfred Rusescu, Mother and Child Institute, who will help to improve medical supervision. Dr Lucica will also advise on the immunisation of the children and will be responsible for the periodic official evaluations required to assure the disability certificates issued by state authorities. These two new specialists are both committed and dedicated paediatric professionals, who have already spent time with the children to better understand their individual medical conditions and simply to get to know each of them a little better. All the children are now up to date with their vaccinations and a new batch of flu vaccine has also been purchased to be administered over the next few weeks.

So the future is looking brighter by the day, and with relief all of the care team can say “all is well that ends well!” CID UK sends a warm welcome and best wish to the new members of St Margaret’s care team

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