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Thanks for a breath of fresh air

Izabela and her nurse

With the help and support of Children in Distress the children resident at St Andrew’s are a little safer today with the purchase of a new portable ASKIR 20 medical aspirator. The St Andrew’s care team are thrilled with this new equipment and that CID was able to respond so quickly to their need.

Several of the residents suffer poor or insufficient respiratory syndromes and without aspiration promptly applied can be at risk, suffering obstructions to their nasal passages. The medical staff now makes use of aspiration almost every day and usually we have several children who need suctioning simultaneously. Of the two previous aspirators on site one stopped functioning properly and the other had a lower suctioning capacity. The latter was being used almost constantly to help Izabela who has been diagnosed with obstructive respiratory insufficiency; hence the purchase of a newer machine with improved performance was mandatory.

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