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A little TLC and comfort of a new air mattress make Florin more comfortable

Florin's mattress delivered and fitted

Florin is one of kids at Saint Andrews’ Centre whose health has lately taken a turn for the worse. He gets ill more often, battling infections, he increasingly needs increased oxygen-therapy and although he is turned and transferred every day from his bed to his wheelchair, pressure sores are developing on his skin which is increasing the problems.

The British staff visiting recently were  made aware of Florin’s plight  and  promised to send  a special mattress  to relieve the pressure points as he lays,  thus  making  him feel more at ease and also prevent other bed sores from developing.

On April 19, the mattress arrived at St Andrew’s and was immediately placed on Florin’s bed by the centre’s therapy and care staff.  The team couldn’t be happier for him and as always, our Kid’s child sponsors never cease to amaze. Everyone at St Andrew’s  greatly  appreciate and value their commitment  and support and as always, wish to thank them for their quick response and help in our time of need . They are such an example for us all of how a little love, true care and devotion even for so far away can make a huge difference. Florin is now infinitely more comfortable in his bed and we hope that his health will improve.

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> A little TLC and comfort of a new air mattress make Florin more comfortable

Published: 28/04/2016 19:18:37

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