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A different week for Claudia

Enjoying the Tulip Festival

Claudia has recently had lots of fun with her class mates enjoying  a busy carefully planned programme, participating  in a range of  recreational and educational activities organised at school and elsewhere,  like an afternoon at the theatre, lunch at McDonald’s, an outing in the park, a trip around Pitesti city Centre, and best of all  attending the Tulips Symphony event.

Each year, in April, all the Arges schools participate in the national “A different week at school”. Students programme getting involved in different activities, they don’t attend classes and nor do they have homework. The week’s main aim is to help children learn and practice new skill sets and abilities, to learn to lead an independent life, participate in various social events, understand more about their roles as members of the community and get in contact with the social and artistic world using cultural, ecology and art activities and events.

Monday had Claudia involved in home cooking classes and learning to prepare a fruit salad. She brought “a sample” back for the Centre’s staff who were delighted to taste her delicious recipe. The class  pre-planned the entire cooking session and decided what ingredients were to be brought in and by who, , they  brought prep knives carry out  the supervised peeling and cutting phase, and some squishy cream to decorate their  salad. Claudia enjoyed the experience and took her role as a home cook pretty seriously.

Tuesday her class to the movie to watch Zootropolis at the Trivale Cinema, this was their first 3D experience and the day continued with lunch at McDonalds’ where they could discuss  the day’s highlights.

Wednesday was an accompanied walk around the city centre and then they attended a theatre performance of “Danila Prepeleac”. An interesting story about Danila’s life, full of useful examples for kids and is quite an educational experience. Claudia liked the set and she also understood Danila’s challenges in life and the main theme, that where there is a will there is always a way.

Thursday saw Claudia and her classmates at a session organised by the local Police and Firefighters department. The children were presented with scenario options and received valuable lessons about safety and social boundaries and safe behaviors. They asked lots of questions which the adults patiently answered and shared examples so that the issues could be discussed and understood.

Friday was the first day of the “Tulip Festival” an annual event in Pitesti. The festivities last for three days as the community celebrates the arrival of Spring and the beauty of flowers. The children went to a park near their school to admire the flower displays and to have a little fun playing in the sun. 

It was truly exciting and fun, week filled with lots of happiness, sunny days and quality time in the company of friends and class mates. Claudia learnt new things and to practice various skills as part of this fabulous event.

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