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Darius goes to the party in full fig

Recently, the team at Saint Margaret’s surprised Darius and took him on a shopping spree as  a new outfit was in order, for he was invited to the Children in Distress gala evening  taking  place on June 16. Darius was extremely excited at his first outing to visit proper shops, at the racks of clothes and to select his favourite party outfit. The change of scenery brought him a deal of pleasure, joy and delighted at being out and about amongst the shoppers in a real hustling, bustling Mall.

Having carefully decided what to wear and happy with the purchase, his next stop was the fruits and veg market to buy some cherries. They looked were mouth-wateringly so he couldn’t  wait any longer  and despite being desperate to get back at the St Margaret’s  to make sure they had a proper wash, so he  slipped some into his mouth  on the spot, “just to taste them” you will understand, as he so delicately put it.  Who can resist those little bitter sweet balls of delight in a big bag of cherries?!

Darius is the perfect shopping companion so he is already in demand for another outing. Darius is now all excited awaiting the big event in the Caro Hotel which will recognise the contribution of individual and company sponsors and supporters who so generously help support and deliver CID care programmes over the year. The Charity's new CID Ro website will also be launched so there will be a lot going on. All an ideal reason if you are small boy for getting dressed up and go out on the town.









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