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Darius with his playdough creation

Once those hot, lazy, hazy days of summer settle in, the work of Saint Margaret’s migrates out into the fresh air and staff and children settle down to working in both in sunshine and dappled shade. Children, their care staff, psychologists and volunteers, select their perfect spot, shaded from the worst of the sun.

The kids are normally gathered round while one of the volunteers reads to them a favourite story of “the big and kind brown bear” and share with them the beautiful and vivid illustrations. This book was a kind and generous gift sent by a sponsor in Great Britain. The story was so inspiring that the children decided to each craft their own special little animal with excitement they started moulding their little favourite clay companions.


Darius, Nicoleta, Cristina, Stefan and Andrei really got into the swing of things, and they managed to mould small animals which they then decided to take back to their new bedrooms and place them near their beds so they can play and gaze at them every day.


Every day of summer is a new adventure brining interesting new challenges to our intrepid little band as they get the opportunity to experiment and learn new things in a healthy and relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is glad the long summer vac is here and pretty excited about the potential for new adventures. Long live happy summers spent outside long days filled with great memories and strong friendships!

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