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A colourful gift paints a smile on David’s face

David pleased with Margaret\'s gift

They say good friends are like the stars, you don’t always see them but you know they are always there! We are very lucky indeed blessed to have so many of friends and supporters who never forget about the children of Saint Margaret’s.

 This time it was David’s turn to be the proud recipient of a wonderful surprise gift sent by, Helen Radford his very own special “guardian angel.” When one his carers showed him the gift, David’s reaction was quite unexpected and his little face lit up with a broad smile, swiftly followed by some cute babble demonstrated his sheer delight. This little multi-coloured toy brought him so much joy as did some new well-chosen and much needed clothes which will be just ideal throughout our long  hot summer days.

David’s smile and adorable reaction charged the hospice atmosphere with positive energies and everyone felt elated and quite emotional. The team send a virtual smile and their  warmest thanks to the children’s friends and supporters in the UK in appreciation and gratitude for their devotion, love and care, especially for seldom forgetting the children here across Europe who despite their disability always find a way to share their appreciation

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