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Elena’s Birthday Party

20 not out! what an achievement

Turning another page in our happy memories book as St Andrew’s  celebrate an important moment in Elena’s life. On July 5, St Andrew’s celebrated Elena Budica’s birthday with a wonderful party. She has been part of the CID extended family for many years, first arriving at the Centre when she was just three years old. In her life she has faced numerous health challenges and her diagnosis is complex and severe with an enlarging external hydrocephalus, a condition which impairs all her vital functions. These days a gastro-nasal shunt help administer of her medication and feeding and she is wheelchair bound.

Despite that, Elena manages to enjoy the presence of her chums and carers, who surrounded her with love and affection. They were all there to celebrate her 20th birthday. It was a wonderful party the dayroom and ward was decorated and the ‘party guests’ proudly wore colourful hats and masks as, they sang “Happy birthday” to the special birthday girl. Young Claudia also got involved in the preparations and together with Nicoleta, were at Elena’s side during the party taking wonderful photographs. Everyone’s joy and the warmth and affection of their greetings put a smile on Elena’s face, her way of letting us know that she enjoyed her celebration.

 Happy birthday, Elena and may your days be merry and bright!

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