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As the summer’s brightest and best sunny days have finally arrived, St Margaret’s daily routine has changed for the better; new plans are afoot for lots of outings for the children to hopefully create happy memories for the kids as they enjoy the great outdoors. Rafi and Florin, and some of their new friends and care staff, from the centre where they are now live, were invited to join in and to spend a little quality time in the company of children and staff from St Margaret’s.  Much loved Nursing Sisters Casiana and Ecaterina joined the group for a walk around the grounds of their Christiana Monastery. When lunch arrived, the children sat around the table, enjoying a delicious meal. Rafi as ever was in seventh heaven savouring each slice of pizza followed by a generous dollop of ice cream for desert. Florin blissfully chitchatted away on the phone with his other Saint Margaret’s buddies, Darius, Cristina and Nicoleta telling those lots of stories about his new life always taking  time to listen to theirs, in return.

After a happy day spent together, the children said their goodbyes and thanked the good sisters for their generosity and hospitality and also mentioned the fact that it was their turn to return the favour and invite everyone back to St Margaret’s in the near future for another wonderful afternoon spent in great company.

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