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Celebrating an important milestone in Adelina’s life

A belated Happy Birthday to Adelina from all of us in CID UK. Adelina’s birthday was actually Sunday the 10th of July but since most of her named carers were at home it was decided to delay the celebration party until all the staff were in so Adelina had an extra special if a little belated birthday Adelina was awakened on the Sunday by staff singing ”Happy Birthday to You” but she was then promised a bigger and better party the following day.

With all the staff in place Adelina had a fabulous party.  So, twenty-four hours later, with hugs, kisses and colourful balloons. Everyone wore their best party hats and for a couple of hours everyone’s troubles seemed far away. A nice fruit and chocolate cake was bought for the occasion and it was a delicious treat for everyone. Young Claudia was with Adelina, cheering her up as the others had lots of fun.

This was a party that certainly made everyone’s day and it was indeed one of Adelina’s happiest days.  Happy Birthday and many happy returns!!

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