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An early present for Bogdan makes his day

Gifts from a friend  help Bogdan\'s  sensory development

Although Bogdan’s birthday is on July 24, and this year he will turn 21, presents have already started to arrive at St Andrew’s. His sponsor and friend, Glynis Bonshor sent him, a parcel filled with toys suitable for his sensory integration therapy sessions.

Sensory processing, also known as sensory integration, refers to the way the nervous system receives messages from the senses and turns them into appropriate motor and behavioural responses. In Bogdan’s case, with diagnosis ranging from infantile encephalopathy sequelae to cerebral palsy, the processing sensation doesn’t take place as it should; therefore sensory integration therapy becomes a crucial part of his personal rehabilitation plan, simply to maintain the existing sensors within normal parameters. 

The toys gifted to Bogdan will be very handy during his therapy: a small drum and two other toys that make rattling sounds for hearing stimulation, a light up spinning top that also plays music for visual and hearing stimulation, a multi-coloured microphone that lights up and a fibre optic lamp with crystals for visual stimulation.

Bogdan, and all the team at Saint Andrew’s wish to send their thanks and good wishes to Glynis for her constant support and devotion and for always getting involved in the children’s rehabilitation programmes and for sending such thoughtful and very much needed presents to help make a difference in the lives of the children. Thank you, our dear friend, for always being with us!

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