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Little gifts cheer Nicoleta and Darius

Nico in her cool summer outfit

Nicoleta and Darius, two the  young residents at St Margaret’s  have had the surprise of really useful gifts over the last few weeks which came from a devoted sponsor  and their  much admired  therapist  who seem always have them in mind .

 The last few weeks of hot summer days have brought many hours spent outside, “having fun in the sun” and a host of little surprises for the dynamic duo. First, Nicoleta received, a parcel filled with new summer clothes from her much loved supporter, Glynis Bonshor. Thanks to Glynis, Nico will continue to look colourful and rather chic, she is very fond of showing her feminine side so. when handed  her present, Nico was very excited and immediately tore the wrapping paper to discover a set beautiful new summer tops and dresses which she wanted  to try on right away to see how they suited.

Darius, the other member of our wheelchair team, also received a parcel. “To help him achieve and maintain an ideal position of his neck and torso”, Claudiu, the senior resident physiotherapist, who works with Darius every day, thoughtfully presented him with a very practical gift of an inflatable cervical collar. Darius was so delighted when he tried it for size; he decided to wear it during the rest of the day and will no doubt continue to do so, since he is very keen on making progress and feeling better.

The sparkle in their eyes and sheer joy on their faces on receiving these gifts would have warmed the hearts of the sponsors and staff who think of them and send such nice gifts. With each gift they send a little ray of hope nicely wrapped with each considerate present. Thank you for your consideration and generosity! 

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