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Another day, another great adventure for Claudia!

Never to early to prepare lunch

Claudia is growing up fast and becoming more and more independent by the day. She enjoys her summer vacation and more so, the time spent with the family of Dana Ionila, one of St Andrew’s physiotherapist team. Dana likes to plan entertaining outings for Claudia and to spend quality time with her, because such changes in pace bring relaxation and put a smile on young Claudia’s face and help tremendously with her self-confidence. In the morning, the two of them often go to the nearby Pitesti Park, where they enjoyed the amusement train ride, to tone their muscles they have a go on the fitness gear and Claudia feeds the ducks and admires them up close whilst playing with the other children. The swings and playground slide often form part of their amusement programme andth4e fun was doubled when playing in the company of other kids. Great times, great fun, great excitement and joy for all.

When the heat is unbearable, and it’s impossible to catch a breath the activities move inside. Claudia to finish some of homework and Dana also takes time to read fantastic stories to her and to play educational board games like “Take it easy!” Claudia also plays with her dolls and “takes care” of them as every ‘mother’ should. Another bit of fun is when she helps prepare dinner with Dana’s family using a ceramic safe knife and a chopping board to do the business.

Everyone is thrilled that Claudia has positive experience of ‘normal’ family life and proud of her sheer willpower required to make progress every day; despite many health challenges and an intense rehabilitation programme, Claudia still finds a way to enjoy and live life to the full, especially when great friends are around to make everything worthwhile!

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