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‘When you need somebody, get a little help from a friend’

Celebrating the new arrival

PositivPlus+ as part of the Children in Distress Charity Alliance current leads the running of the St Laurence Campus in Cernavoda. The PP+ Association seeks licensing to care for 20 adults and 5 children. The needs of the increased number of residents , the additional complex  paperwork involved in licensing and  especially the challenge of overcoming the bureaucracy  and  red-tape of the licensing process were sound  reasons to seek a little ‘professional’  help from a friend

Mariana Enache, the recently employed social worker came strongly  recommended by Dr. Rodica Matusa, a renowned specialist and pioneer in the care for children living with HIV in Constanta County. Dr. Matusa is a long-term associate and friend of CID and the children in its care having worked closely with Romanian Children’s Aid and subsequently Children in Distress in the early 1990’s when the initial St Laurence e Hospice project was being set up in Cernavoda.

 Mariana Enache will work at St Laurence on a part time basis, as she is currently working with the Association Speranta, a charity set-up by Dr. Matusa to care for another group of youngsters also  living with HIV . The residents at St. Laurence Cernavoda were thrilled to meet Mariana Enache, a dynamic, experienced professional with a range of skills and experience .She will help not only with the paper chase of license application and social welfare provision, but will develop  occupational and art and  ceramics therapy. Together with her teenage daughter, Mariana runs a small charity in Constanta, helping different groups of kids so therefore there is considerable scope to develop interesting joint projects, and perhaps joint fundraising events. The partnership agreement signed with Mariana’s charity, and the commitment to the work with the residents at St. Laurence Centre Cernavoda, and her undoubted administrative expertise will make Mariana an invaluable partner and asset. Well received by residents and staff alike she has already settled in as part of the team.

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